What is BeaRex

BeaRex is a seasonal Play-to-Earn Web 3.0 running game. The goal of the game is to collect as many berries as possible, grow the map and keep a good distance from the dinosaur. The player can complete levels, gather collectibles and sell them in the marketplace, or rent out their bear to other players and receive a percent of the items that they collect.

The game’s total inventory is presented in the form of various NFTs, each one belonging to the player. Players themselves can decide when to buy and sell their NFT Bears, Berries, Cards, and anything else that can be collected in the game.

How we make money

We impose small taxes on players for in-app activities, such as NFT trading, Berry minting and Bear rental. All assets in the BeaRex game are owned by individual users and the vast majority of the in-app earnings are sent to the players.

Our mission

Our mission is to open up the opportunity of monetising game time to the masses. We hope to improve the global quality of life while providing new, fun avenues of income to the people.

$BREX Token

$BREX - Governance token
Total supply X billion
$Trip coin - Utility token
Unlimited supply
BeaRex marketplace
Get the berries
Complete new levels
Sell created potions and mined berries
In-app wallet/swap


Where will it be available?

We plan to release BeaRex for desktop and mobile devices. First of all, we’ll develop the web version. Then, we’ll release native versions for all planned and available platforms.