What is BeaRex

BeaRex is a Play & Earn Web 3.0 2D-runner. The universe where unique NFT bears collect berries to save the planet from dinosaurs. And earn real money. The game’s total inventory is presented in the form of various NFTs, each one belonging to the player.


Bears from different universes collect them for Berry-smoothie, add them to the blender collider or sell them.


Bears need a berry smoothie for traveling across universes. It is created from some berries. Smoothie has its own style and could change the course of the game and game control.


You can put together a team of unique bears from different universes. Each of them gives their own benefits in the game.

The launch plan

Phase 1
Whitepaper - release of the Whitepaper project
Docs release - disclosure of game mechanics, token flow and gameplay description
Early bird bears NFT sale
Phase 2
Open beta - game finalising
Referal system - the opportunity to not only earn on NFT, but also on inviting your friends
TripCoin marketplace - launch of own in-game coin and marketplace
IDO BREX - advent of $BREX token on IDO
Phase 3
Final game release
Fond rise
BeaRex series production - cartoon about bears. The community will choose the bears, and owners of these bears will get royalties


Challenge #SaveBeaRex

Participate in the raffle of 10 NFT with a total value of up to $5,000 and get guaranteed 50 TripCoin.

Try the demo game in Instagram and get 50 TripCoin
Upload on the Insta story and do not forget mentioning of @BeaRex
Send to TG-bot @BeaRexBot the link to the story with our mask
Follow our socials and participate in the raffle of 10 NFT with a total value of up to $5,000
Start earn

Unique collection

All the NFTs are absolutely unique
and produced in a single copy



Today at 09:41
What is BeaRex?
Today at 09:41
BeaRex is a seasonal Play&Earn Web 3.0 game. The game where players can do both: complete the levels, collect things and sell them on the marketplace or rent your personal bear to other players and receive % from items they (other players) have earned.
Today at 09:41
Why BeaRex?
Today at 09:41
BeaRex is a mix of two conceptions: Play2Earn and Free2Play. Players could play for free or switch the mode and play and earn money. The choice is yours.

The great opportunity to understand the mechanics of the game and fall in love with our bears — play in our Instagram mask. You know, it’s free.
Today at 09:41
Our mission
Today at 09:41
We want to spread the idea of time optimization. It means that when you get bored, you don’t need to just scroll your feed or surf the web.

You have an amazing opportunity to spend your free time wisely. Just chill out, play in an attractive game and earn money. Furthermore you can do it everywhere: in a huge traffic jam, in the office during your five-minute break or at home while you watch a boring movie.
Today at 09:41
How to join the whitelist?
Today at 09:41
If you want to be in the whitelist, firstly you should submit an application and fill in the form here https://gleam.io/z6KxB/bearex-join-whitelist.

Secondly, you need to be active in Discord chats and be a part of the ambassador’s programm.
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